Casa-Museo del Campesino Menu

To start off

Garden salad 11.00

“Monument” salad with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, fresh pineapple, papaya, cream cheese, guacamole and strawberry vinaigrette 13.00

Tomatoes and fresh goat’s cheese served with garlic oil and oregano 11.50

Our Canarian boiled salted potatoes served with mojo sauces 5.50

Garlic shrimp with mushrooms 12.00

Cheese board of Lanzarote cheeses, fig confit and our sweet maize meal 14.00

Legume stew of the day with cheese and maize meal side dish 7.50

Sweet corn and wheat broth with cheese and maize meal side dish 12.00

Fried cheese with cactus jam 11.50

Blanched maize meal with Lanzarote onion 8.00

Homemade sea bass croquettes served with coriander mayonnaise 12.00

Omelette with desalted wreckfish, onion 12.50

Potato stir fry with boletus and shrimp 12.00

Roast baby octopus with green “mojo” 17.00

Octopus stew with mojo and “papas arrugadas” (Canary Island style boiled potatoes) 14.00

Vegetarian menu

Local vegetable grill

wild asparagus and mushroom risotto served with coconut milk

Fruit salad

*Bread and flavored artisan butter included

27.00 Menu

Our Sea Dishes

Traditional sancocho fish boiled served with sweet potato, potatoes and pella de gofio 19.00

Coastal noodles or rice. Traditional stew with local fish (price per person and minimum two people) 17.00

“Monument style” local fish and seafood fritters 14.50

Grilled wreckfish steaks with salad and “papas arrugadas” boiled potatoes 20.00

Deep fried or grilled Saharan squid served with Canarian boiled salted potatoes and salad 20.00

Seasonal fish (Please ask our staff) 22.00

Our Meat Dishes

Goat’s meat stew traditional recipe 14.00

Boiled ribs served with potatoes, cabbage and corn on the cob served with a traditional pounded 16.00

Lightly grilled sirloin in our special “Monument Sauce”, with Lanzarote vegetables and potato wedges 19.00

Pork sirloin with boletus and date sauce, with vegetables and our special De la Villa potato and cheese pie 16.00

Confit of pork with Geria wine sauce, local yellow sweet potato purée and Lanzarote vegetables 16.00

Crunchy chicken stuffed with ham and cheese, served with mushrooms, local sautéed vegetables and French fries 14.50

Leg of rabbit in “salmorejo” (tomato based soup) with local yellow sweet potato purée and Lanzarote sauteed vegetables 16.00

For the “little ones”

Spaghetti with tomato or bolognese sauce 7.00

Grilled fish fillet with french fries 9.00

Breaded chicken with chips 8.00

In homage to the statue outside the Museum, we have made our special “Monument” sauce. Extra portion of sauce 2.50

*Local products are only available when in season.

*Service of bread and butter gluten free 1.80

*Service of bread and butter Monumento 1.80

*Service of extra bread 1.00

Typical Lanzarote pancakes ”Torrijas Conejeras” served with palm honey syrup and toasted cornmeal ice-cream 6.50

“Lanzarote Vulcano” 7.50

Chocolate Monument (Mousse of three chocolates) 6.50

Canarian “Bienmesabe” creamy almond dessert with vanilla ice cream 6.50

Grandma’s cake 6.00

Our Frangollo 6.00

Our home made dried fruit tart with sourced honey 7.00

Ice cream selection

Aupa 1.70

Maltesers 2.70

Pivot 2.20

Kontiki 2.00

Trufo Plus 2.35

Selection of local tapas

Canarian-style boiled potatoes with canarian spicy sauce 5.50

Sweet canarian toasted corn meal served with fresh cheese, banana, palm honey and crispy almond 7.50

Stuffed olives drizzled with a spicy canarian sauce 2.75

Fresh goat’s cheese with olive oil 7.50

Chilled local canarian fish and octopus salad 9.50

Sea Bass chunks with boiled potatoes in a spicy boiled canarian sauce 10.00

Homemade pork meatballs 7.50

Jable-grown chickpeas served with pork, salt ribs and chorizo sausage 7.50

Sea Bass chunks with boiled potatoes in a spicy boiled canarian sauce 8.00

Fried pig meat in marinade Canarian style 8.00


Grilled soft goat’s cheese baguette with canarian tomato slices 5.00

Ham and cheese baguette 4.50


Glazed lemon sponge cake 2.80

Natural potato chips 2.20

Batatitos (sweet potatos) chips 2.20

*Baguettes and muffins are served up to 12:30 h. After this only tapas and the menu are available.

*Service of extra bread 1.00

*Service of bread with flavored butter and dried tomato pate 1.80

*Service of extra mojo 0.50

Todos los vinos de nuestro establecimiento tienen Denominación de Origen de Lanzarote

Formato botellas 75cl con la excepción de los vinos dulces

Mineral Waters

Glass container of sparkling water 75cl 1.80

Glass container of still water 75cl 1.80

Brick water 50 cl. 2.00

Infussions and coffees

Black coffee 1.40

Iced coffee 1.50

Espresso 1.70

Long coffee 2.00

Coffee with milk and cream 1.80

Caffè latte 2.00

Decaffeinated coffee 1.40

Decaffeinated coffee. Caffè latte 2.00

Decaffeinated coffee. Espresso 1.70

Decaffeinated coffee in sachet 2.00

Glass of milk 2.00

Hot chocolate with milk 2.10

Cappuccino 2.20

Carajillo, coffee and liqueur 2.60

Barraquito, coffee, liqueur, condensed milk 4.00

Irish coffee 6.50

Linden tea 1.70

Camomile 1.70

Pennyroyal 1.70

Tea (black, English breakfast, green, green ginger, citrus red,rooibos) 1.80

Tea/Infusion +0.10

Smoothies selection

Castillo de San José | Pineapple and coconut 5.50

Jardín de Cactus | Papaya, mango and pineapple 5.50

Montañas del Fuego | Pear and mango 5.50

Jameos del Agua | Blueberry, raspberry, apple and mango 5.50

Mirador del Río | Peach, strawberry and papaya 5.50

Casa Museo del Campesino | Strawberry and banana 5.50

Soft drinks and juices

Fresh orange juice 4.50

Fruit juice (bottle) 2.70

Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Strawberry Clipper, Nordic Mist Tonic Water 2.40

Appletiser 2.90

Aquarius 2.90

Nestea 2.90


Martini Bianco 3.80

Martini Rosso 3.80

Vermouth Primo rojo 4.00


Glass of Sangria 5.00

Sangria Pitcher, 0.5 litre 12.00

Sangria Pitcher, 1 litre 21.00

Tinto de Verano

Glass 5.00


Tropical 2.50

Tropical 0.0 2.50

Tropical lemon 2.50

Estrella Galicia draft beer 2.20

Dorada Especial draft beer 2.00

Craft beers from Lanzarote

Nao Mucho IPA 5.00
Gold Medal BBF 2023

Nao Hoppy 5.00
Gluten-free beer

Jable Malpeis 33 cl. 5.00

Bermeja Malpeis 33 cl. 5.00

| All the wines of this establishment have a designation of origin of Lanzarote.

White wines

La Mareta | Dry Volcanic Malvasia 25.00

Martinón | Dry Volcanic Malvasia 25.00

La Grieta | Dry Volcanic Malvasia 25.00

Guiguan | Dry Volcanic Malvasia 25.00

Yeye | Dry Volcanic Malvasia 26.00

Vega de Yuco, Princesa Yaiza | Dry Volcanic Malvasia 24.00

Vega de Yuco | Dry Volcanic Malvasia 25.00

La Florida | Dry Volcanic Malvasia 25.00

Reymar, Los Perdomos | Dry Volcanic Malvasia 25.00

El Grifo Colección | Dry Volcanic Malvasia  26.00

El Grifo sobre lías | Dry Volcanic Malvasia 27.00

Bermejo | Dry Volcanic Malvasia  26.00

Bermejo Diego organic dry | 100 % vijariego 26.00

Vulcano | Dry Volcanic Malvasia  26.00

Vulcano Vijariego |Dry Volcanic Malvasia 27.00

Rubicón | Dry Volcanic Malvasia 25.00

Soco Blanco | Volcanic Malvasia, White Listan, Diego 27.00

Tierra de Volcanes | Volcanic Malvasia 26.00

Finca de Fajardo Chibusque | Volcanic Malvasia, White Listan, Diego 26.00

Semi-dry, semi-sweet white wine and fruity

La Geria | Volcanic Malvasia 25.00

Reymar, Los Perdomos | Volcanic Malvasia and Muscat of Alexandria 25.00

La Mareta, Maresía | White Listan, Volcanic Malvasia, Muscat of Alexandria 25.00

Rubicón | Semi sweet Volcanic Malvasia 25.00

Vega de Yuco, Princesa Ico | Volcanic Malvasia, Muscat 25.00

Vega de Yuco Princesa Yaiza | Volcanic Malvasia 24.00

El Grifo | Volcanic Malvasia, Fruity 25.00

La Florida semi-sweet | Volcanic Malvasia  25.00

Vulcano semi-sweet | Volcanic Malvasia  and Muscat of Alejandria 26.00

El Grifo semi-sweet | Volcanic Malvasia  25.00

Los Bermejos semi-sweet | Volcanic Malvasia 26.00

Lágrima de Malvasía | Volcanic Malvasia 26.00

Rose wines

La Florida | Black Listan 25.00

La Mareta | Black Listan 25.00

Reymar, Los Perdomos | Black Listan 25.00

Rubicón | Black Listan 25.00

Vulcano | Black Listan 25.00

Guiguán | Black Listan 25.00

El Grifo de Lágrima | Black Listan 25.00

Vega de Yuco, Yaiza | Black Listan 25.00

Red wines

La Florida | Black Listan 25.00

La Mareta | Black Listan 25.00

Reymar, Los Perdomos | Black Listan and Syrah 25.00

La Grieta | Night harvest, barrel 25.00

Puro Rofe Viñateros, Rofe | Black Listan 36.00

Tierra De Volcanes | Black Listan 25.00

Guiguán Traditional Red Wine | Black Listan and Syrah 24.00

Los Bermejos Traditional Red | Black Listan, barrel 25.00

Bermejo Red Wine carbonic Maceration| Black Listan 25.00

La Geria, Young | Black Listan, 100% 25.00

El Grifo Colección | Black Listan 25.00

Yeye | Black Listan 26.00

Vega de Yuco, Princesa Gara | Black Listan and Syrah 26.00

Vega de Yuco, Princesa Yaiza | Black Listan 25.00

Vulcano | Black Listan, Barrel-aged red wine 25.00

Sparkling wines

El Grifo | Sparkling Volcanic Malvasia Brut Nature 32.00

Los Bermejos | Sparkling Volcanic Malvasia Brut Nature 30.00

Los Bermejos | Sparkling Pink, Brut Nature 30.00

Sweets and Muscat

Guiguan Muscat of Alexandria 28.00

Glass of wine (Appellations of origin Lanzarote)

Selection of dry white wine 5.30

Selection of semisweet wine 5.30

Selection of rose wine 5.30

Selection of red wine 5.00

Selection of fruity wine 5.30

Selection of Muscat wine 6.00

Muscat wine selection

Guiguan Muscat of Alexandria sweet 6.00

Vega de Yuco Famara sweet 4.00

Selection of semisweet wine

La Mareta Maresia semisweet wine 5.50

Vulcano semisweet | Volcanic Malvasia 5.30


White Bacardi 3.80

Arehucas white card 3.80

Arehucas gold card 3.80

Havana Club 7 years 4.20

Honey ron Artemi 3.20


Ave del Paraíso 4.50

Gordon’s 3.70

Beefeater 3.70

Bombay Sapphire 5.00


Moskovskaya 3.70

Smirnoff 3.70


Magno 3.70

Carlos I 7.50


Johnnie Walker Red label 4.20

Johnnie Walker Black label 6.50

J&B 3.70

Ballantine’s 3.50


Baileys 4.00

Amaretto di Saronno 4.00

Frangelico 4.00

Jägermeister 4.00

Tía María 4.00

Malibú 4.00

Cointreau 4.00

Marie Brizard 3.50

Blackberry Liqueur 4.00

Ruavieja Herbal Liqueur 3.80

Ruavieja sec 3.70

Tax included
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