Castillo de San José Restaurante

Castillo de San José Menu

The Castillo de San José kitchen team presents a seasonal tasting menu.
We want to delight you with five savory dishes and a sweet dish with local ingredients.


Three-cheese croquettes

Avocado, goat jerky with red fruits in a lettuce sandwich

Prawn with apple and mango, dressed with its juice


Papaya cannelloni, stuffed with rockfish marinade over blackberry vichyssoise

Stewed rabbit ravioli, creamy potatoes in Perigueux sauce

Main courses

Squid, mashed potatoes, seaweed, garlic cream and its ink sauce.

Crispy pork taco with banana parmentier

The sweet world

Dark chocolate and almond coulant, filled with caramel
Petit fours

The menu is for a full table

Price per person 48.00€


Tomato and papaya salad with black olive tapenade 11.50

Salad with lettuce hearts and avocado, “petals” of cured goat meat and red fruits vinaigrette 14.00

Cold melon cream with canarian salted fish roe 10.00

Caramote prawns with apple and mango, with shellfish coral reef sauce 11.00

Seviche of Canary Island tuna with a hint of gofio (roasted maize meal) and passion fruit 16.00

“Conejero omelette” (scrambled eggs with desalted wreckfish, candied onion and potatoes) 13.00

Ravioli stuffed with stewed rabbit creamy potatoes and Perigueux sauce (3 units) 11.00

Grilled octopus glazed with “mojo” and purée of yellow sweet potato 18.00

Three-cheese croquettes (6 pieces) 10.00

Foie and fig terrine with reduction of Armagnac 14.50

From the sea

Honeyed seafood rice 18.00

Cherne (wreckfish) delights with prawns 22.00

“Castillo Squid” Atlantic gilt fish, with algae and cream of garlic and is own ink sauce 21.00

”Manrique’s fish” Fillet of fish of the season, cream of traditional broth with potatoes, pumpkin, mojo and sweet potato”21.00

Canary Island tuna steaks, Tataki style 20.00


Steak Tartar made of raw beef meat 23.00

Crunchy taco with local Canary Islands pork and banana Parmentier 22.00

Beef round steak with “palmera” chilli peppers 23.00

Grilled beef entrecôte, sliced and seasoned with a thin layer local salt flower, 350 gr. aprox. 22.00

Honey roast shoulder of lamb, roast peppers and potatoes 24.00

Vegatarian Menu

Grilled local vegetables

Mushroom risotto with coconut curry milk

Fruit salad

Price per person 27.00
* bread and flavored artisan butter

For the “little ones“

Breaded chicken fillet 8.00

Spaguetti with tomato suace 7.00

Spaghetti with bolognese sauce 7.00

White splayed fish filet 10.00

World of sweets

Cup of yogurt with cherries 6.25

Strawberries from our Castle, with bitter almond ice cream 6.50

Chocolate trifle 7.00

“Mojito” ice cream on a bed of lemon crumble 6.00

Timanfaya ice cream on brownie 5.50

Glass of “Montaña Rajada” olivine ice cream 5.00

Black chocolate and almond coulant, with caramel filling 7.00

Puff pastry mille-feuille filled with pastry cream and chantilly with tempered chocolate 6.50

*Bread included. Different flavour butter 2.00

*Bred and butter free gluten 1.80

*Extra mojo 0.50

Dry white wines

Guiguan | Dry Volcanic Malvasia 24.00

Martinón | Dry Volcanic Malvasia 21.00

La Florida | Dry Volcanic Malvasia 19.00

La Mareta | Dry Volcanic Malvasia 21.00

La Grieta | Dry Malvasia 21.00

Vega de Yuco | Dry Volcanic Malvasia 19.50

Vega de Yuco | Volcanic Malvasia 22.00

Semi-sweet wines

Vega de Yuco Princesa ICO | Volcanic Malvasia, Moscatel, Diego 21.00

La Mareta Maresía | Volcanic Malvasia and Moscatel of Alexandria 21.00

Rose wines

La Mareta | Black Listan 19,50

Vega de Yuco, Princesa Gara | Black Listan 24.00

Vega de Yuco | Black Listan, Volcanic Malvasia and Moscatel de Alejandría 17.50

Red wines

Los Bermejos | Traditional Red, Black Listan, barrel 20.00

La Geria, Manto Selección | Black Listan, Syrah, Merlot and Tintinilla 20.00

Taro Vinícola | Black Listan 32.00

El Grifo, Reserva de la Familia | Black Listan and Syrah 49.00

Guiguan | Traditional red, Black Listan and Syrah 19.00

Vulcano | Black Listan, barrel 21.00

Rubicón | Black Listan 21.00

La Grieta | Red wine, Black Litan, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon 20.00

Vega de Yuco Yaiza | Black Listan 22.00

Vega de Yuco, Joven | Black Listan monovarietal 19.00

Vega de Yuco, Princesa Gara | Black Listan and Syrah, matured in oak 25.50

Sparkling wines

Los Bermejos | Bermejo Malvasia Brut Nature 29.00

Los Bermejos | Bermejo Malvasia Brut Nature (Rose) 29.00

Sweet wines (50 cl.)

El Grifo, Canari | Volcanic Malvasia 133.50

Los Bermejos | Naturally sweet wine 27.00

Glass of wine appellations of origin of «Lanzarote»

Selection of white wine, appelation of origin of Lanzarote 4.00

Selection of semisweet wine, appelation of origin of Lanzarote 4.00

Selection of sweet wine, appelation of origin of Lanzarote 4.30

Selection of fruity wine, appelation of origin of Lanzarote 3.50

Seelction of red wine, appelation of origin of Lanzaroten 3.80

All the wines of this establishment have a Lanzarote Certificate of Origin

Bottles are 75 cl. with the exception of those marked with another volume

Our suggestions

‘’Conejero Omelette‘’ scrambled eggs with desalted wreckfish, candied onion and potatoes 13.00

Canarian-style boiled potatoes with canarian spicy sauce 5.00

Three-cheese croquettes (4 pieces) 8.00

Sautéed sirloin steaks with garlic and parsley 17.00

Assortment of cheeses served with its garnish 12.00


Dressed olives 2.75

Ham and cheese sandwich 2.75

Morsel of fresh cheese with quince 1.75

Morsel of iberian ham, tomato and virgin olive oil 2.75

Sweet potato fries with mojo salt 2.00

Selection of Pastries

Muffins 2.80

Selection of assorted cakes (chocolate cake with hazelnut, apple cake and cheese and strawberry cake) 4.50

Coffees and infussions

Black Coffee 1.40

Small coffee with milk 1.55

Coffee with two milks 1.60

Coffee with milk 2.00

Decaffeinated coffee 1.70

Capuccino 3.00

Cocoa-flavored milk 2.00

Glass of milk 1.40

Coffee with liqueur 2.40

Barraquito | Coffee with cinnamon a liqueur 3.25

Irish coffee 6.30

Infusions | tila, chamomile, mint-pennyroyal 1.60

Infusions with milk | tila, chamomile, mint-pennyroyal 1.60

Tea | black, red, green 1.60

Tea with milk | black, red, green 1.60

Tea rooibos 1.60

Water, soft drinks and juices

Spring sparkling water 75cl 1.65

Still water 75cl 1.65

Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Nordic Mist tonic water 2.20

Fever-Tree Tonic 2.90

Appletiser 2.60

Aquarius 2.60

Nestea 2.60

Iced chocolate milkshake 2.90

Juice 2,.0

Natural Orange Juice 3.75


Tropical 1924 2.30

Dorada Especial 2.30

Tropical 00 2.30

Tropical lemon 2.30

Caña Nao Lanzarote, Golden (alc. 4,4 % vol.) 2.00

Caña Malpeis Jable, Blonde Ale (alc. 5,3 % vol.) 2.00


Tio Pepe 3.60

Campari 3.60

Fernet Branca 3.00

Oporto 3.60

Pernod 3.00

Martini Bianco 3.60

Martini Rosso 3.60

Puro Rofe Masapei White 3.75

Primo Red 3.25

Glass of wine appellations of origin of «Lanzarote»

Selection of white wine, appelation of origin of Lanzarote 4.00

Selection of semisweet wine, appelation of origin of Lanzarote 4.00

Selection of sweet wine, appelation of origin of Lanzarote 4.30

Selection of fruity wine, appelation of origin of Lanzarote 3.50

Seelction of red wine, appelation of origin of Lanzaroten 3.80


Jar o,5 litre 12.00

Jar 1 litre 21.00


Arehucas white card 3.60

Arehucas gold card 3.60

Cacique 3.60

Havana Club 7 years 3.85

Matusalem 15 years 6.75


Gordon’s 3.50

Beefeater 3.50

Bombay Sapphire 4.25

Tanqueray 4.25

Puerto de Indias 4.25

Ave del Paraíso 4.75

Hendricks 4.75

Brockmans Premium 5.50

Macaronesian 4.25

Citadelle 5.00

G’ Vine 6.25


Moskovskaya 3.50

Smirnoff 3.30

Absolut azul 3.30


Magno 3.20

Gran Duque de Alba 6.75

Carlos I 7.20

Cardenal Mendoza 8.50


100 Pipers 3.50

J&B 3.50

Johnnie Walker red label 3.85

Johnnie Walker black label 6.60

Johnnie Walker blue label 33.00

Chivas Regal 12 years 6.25


Marie Brizard 3.30

Honey Rum 3.50

Cointreau 3.85

Frangelico 3.85

Jagermeister 3.75

Licor 43 3.75

Malibú 3.75

Tía María 3.85

Baileys 4,.0

Amaretto di Saronno 4.00

Blackberry Liqueur 3.75

Drambuie 4.70

Ruavieja herbal liqueur 3.60

Pacharán 4.00

Vodka Caramelo 3.50

Vodka Pomelo 4.00


Tequila José Cuervo Especial 3.50

Ruavieja herbal liqueur 3.60

Ruavieja seco 3.50


Dry Martini cocktail | Gin, dry Martini and olive 7.00

Margarita | Tequila, triple dried and lemon juice 7.00

Gin Fizz | Gin, lemon juice, sugar and soda 7.00

Bloody Mary | Vodka, tomato juice, lemon, pepper, salt, tabasco and Perrins sauce 7.00

Piña Colada | Rum, Malibu, pineapple juice and coconut whipped cream 7.00

Mojito | Rum sugar, lemon juice, peppermint and soda 7.00

Caipirinha | Cachaza, chopped lime and sugar 7.00

Daiquiri | Rum, lemon juice and sugar 7.00

Banana Tropical | Natural banana and coconut cream (alcohol free) 5.00

San Francisco | Assorted fruit juice and grenadine (alcohol free) 5.50