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OPEN 365 days a year

Located in Guatiza, municipality of Teguise, El Jardín de Cactus is the last great work of César Manrique in Lanzarote, a fascinating creation that houses about 4,500 specimens of cactus of about 500 species from five continents.

The artist chose an old deposit used as a landfill in an agricultural area of extensive cactus plantations dedicated to the cultivation of cochineal, thus representing the rehabilitation of a place of great landscape value on the island in a state of neglect.

After 20 years of creation, the work gives life to an architecture full of decorative and sculptural elements that integrate with the environment, further enhancing its natural beauty. The presence of volcanic stone and basaltic monoliths turned into sculptures, resulting from the time when earth was extracted, stands out; but it is the vivacity and exoticism of the cactus that enraptures the visitor in an authentic poetic scenario of shapes, textures and colors.

This set, internationally awarded and considered one of the most important cactus gardens in the world, summarizes the rich mixture of languages that Manrique practiced, and that he himself called total art: a combination of architecture, spatial intervention, sculpture, interior design or gardening that allow us to know him in his pure state.


1 hour and a half.

Dress code

We recommend wearing comfortable shoes and clothing, as well as a hat and sunscreen in the summer months.


Jardín de Cactus is a peculiar and unique place where you will be able to take fun and original photos. This is a series of places we recommend taking pictures of during your visit: The 8-metre cactus at the entrance. The panoramic view of the garden from the entrance. A picture at the “asiento de la suegra” cactus, is a must. Ask about it! An interesting fountain located opposite the shop. Manrique’s work outside the toilets. The mural at the coffee shop. Molino de Guatiza.


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This centre is suitable for people with reduced mobility.


Comfortable high chairs for children available at the coffee shop. Free access for children under 7. Baby changing facilities available in the toilets.


The access of pets is not allowed except for assistance dogs in the terms reflected by the. Law 3/2017, of April 26, on assistance dogs for people with disabilities in the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands.


The Jardín de Cactus Restaurant offers a very special proposal in Lanzarote where one can enjoy very special flavors with panoramic views of the garden including the exclusive option of the Cactus Garden Brunch.

Highlights include wrinkled potatoes with mojo (local sauce) or local goat cheese, but undoubtedly, the specialty is the incorporation of the cactus itself in the kitchen: the visitor will not remain indifferent to the honeyed cactus croquettes, chicken and cactus rolls, or the queen of the house: the vegetarian hamburger of cactus, millet and potato. Naturally, there is a wide range of Lanzarote Denomination of Origin wines to pair with the dishes.

Restaurant Opening Hours

Every day from 10:00 am to 4:45 pm.

Closure of the kitchen at 4:00 pm.

  • The Euphorbia Candelabrum: this majestic African plant was the first cactus planted in the garden by César Manrique and his colleagues on January 18, 1989. You will find it in front of the shop, with a height of 6-7 meters.
  • The “Cojines de Suegra”: about twenty Mexican specimens that owe their name to their reduced height and a quite particular circular shape.
  • The pond, which enriches the work with the symbolic value of water and hosts a variety of orange fish and a charismatic sculpture.
  • The inside of the restaurant is full of Manrique’s artistic creations, including a symbolic mural and a very special lighting system with lamps in the shape of cactus leaves.
  • The stairs, whose spiral surrounds a hanging structure of old buoys and a framework of rods also related to the imaginary of the cactus.
  • The millet mill at the top of the garden, one of the last ones still standing on the island. A look inside will illustrate the art of milling grain – and of course, of good gofio (toasted meal) – during the 19th century.
  • Put the finishing touch to the visit from the restaurant’s terrace and enjoy the best flavors of the cactus with a semi-sweet white wine.
  • Delight yourself with a unique brunch at the Cactus Garden, surrounded by 4,500 specimens of cacti and native species. Advance reservation recommended.
  • Take a picture at the entrance of the baths: the iconic drawings of Hembra and Macho are waiting to portray the best humor of Manrique and his creative inventiveness.
  • Take a souvenir from the store, which offers local and artisan products to take with you the experience of the garden: jam or cactus liqueur, seeds to plant at home, herbal soaps, books on botany . or even some magnets with real cactus for the fridge.
  • Live the “Insólita” Experience: a guided tour in small and exclusive groups for those who want to know in depth the last great intervention of César Manrique in Lanzarote.


The “Insólita” Experience, more than a tourist visit, is about living a unique experience, where the visitor will not only learn the details about the construction of the center and its historical and ethnographic link to the environment, as well as the function of cochineal cultivation and obtaining natural dyes as an economic engine for the island; but also discover the anecdotes and intimacies that make the garden unique.

The unusual experience allows us to see the center through the eyes of the artist, getting to know in depth his way of creating through the concept of total art and the ever-present binomial between art and nature.

Discover an unknown island

To say goodbye to the garden from all the senses, a tasting of local products and specialties from the cactus is included. Without a doubt, a special visit that, in addition to discovering the most intimate version of El Jardín de Cactus and its creator, allows us to connect with other travelers and share an experiential experience.



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