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About us

The Municipal Council of Lanzarote’s Centres for Art, Culture and Tourism (CACT) stand as the main tourist spot on the island. In January 2005, the Centres for Arts, Culture and Tourism began to be managed through a Local Public Business Entity (EPEL), belonging entirely to the Municipal Council of Lanzarote.

EPEL CACT, the Foreign Promotion Company of Lanzarote (SPEL) and the Domestic Tourism Office, are the three public bodies that manage tourism in Lanzarote.

While being fully public, it operates with a business philosophy, CACT is set up as the main economic engine of the island, dedicating its profits to finance the public policies of the islands through the payment of royalties to the Municipal Council of Lanzarote and Municipalities of Haria, Tinajo and Yaiza.


To be vectors of sustainable tourism.


Being a global benchmark for Sustainable Tourism.

Cultural values

Cultural values are one of the key elements in taking this commitment forward, and fostering a culture among staff to develop a way of behaving about the way the way they go about obtaining the business results.

This commitment must be taken forward under the following principles:

  • Sustainable: We are committed to the island, its environmental conservation and cultural heritage, to serve as a world leader with a model of sustainability for the visitors and inhabitants of the island.
  • Efficient: We work with honesty, transparency and efficiency in the management of our collective project.
  • Innovators: We innovate with new methods that allow us to rely on the creativity of the artists to thrill customers.
  • Collaborative: From our personal commitment, with initiative and autonomy, we work together to achieve the objectives and goals of the group and the organisation.
  • Service vocation: We work to create memorable experiences and strive to exceed the expectations of the customer.
  • We are committed: We, at CACT, are committed to providing safety and health to all our workers.

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