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Jameos del Agua

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10:00 – 17:15
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Los Jameos del Agua is the first Art, Culture and Tourism Center created by  César Manrique; a natural space created inside a volcanic tunnel. 

Inaugurated in 1968, the artist, painter and sculptor transformed the space into a  unique work that represents the maximum expression of his ideology: artistic  creation in harmony with the environment and nature

Like La Cueva de los Verdes, Los Jameos del Agua originated after the eruption  of the La Corona Volcano. The word “jameo” derives from Guanche origin, and  refers to the hole produced as a result of the collapse of the roof of a volcanic  tube, in this case, the volcanic tube of La Corona. 

César Manrique was able to transform the environment and enhance its beauty  even more, creating an idyllic symbiosis between the cave’s potential and his  creative resources. His vivid hands, together with his privileged mind, modeled  the basalt to give shape to a unique space in the world. 

The work was completed in 1977, resulting in Manrique’s first major  intervention in the Lanzarote landscape and being declared a Site of Scientific  Interest and an Asset of Cultural Interest in the category of Historic Garden. The space is formed by three jameos or openings. The Jameo Chico, where the  access to the interior is made and the restaurant is located, as well as a hidden  entrance to the famous Tunnel of La Atlántida; the Jameo Grande, where the  swimming pool is located, and the Jameo de la Cazuela, which is located behind  the stage of the auditorium.

This is a natural auditorium with a capacity for 550 people formed by basalt  stone that offers magnificent and extraordinary acoustics. The stage is located  inside a section of the volcanic tube, giving it an unprecedented beauty and sound, and the seats are positioned following the natural slope of the floor, which  goes from the access through the Jameo Grande to the opening of the next jameo. 

The subway aquatic habitat of the Jameos del Agua is of great richness,  presenting a crystalline lagoon of about 7 meters deep. The origin is produced by  the filtration of seawater, being below sea level. This curious volcanic ecosystem  is home to some 77 endemic species of great scientific interest, among which  the Munidopsis Polymorpha stands out: it is the famous Blind Crab, protagonist  and symbol of the center. 

*The Blind Crab is in danger of extinction, and metals are highly dangerous for  these small and beautiful animals. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to throw  coins or other objects into the lagoon. Please help us to protect their  environment. 


  • Restaurant located in a volcanic cave
  • Bar 3 overlooks the crab lake
  •  Gift shop
  •  Auditorium in a volcanic cave
  • Free parking for cars and bicycles available.
  • Free Wi fi at the Centre

Visiting time

1 hour and a half.

Dress code

Se recomienda llevar calzado cómodo, ya que el pavimento de todo el centro es de piedra volcánica. En verano se recomienda llevar gorra, protección solar, y gafas de sol para las zonas externas.


Jameos del Agua has beautiful paths that unveil during your free visit, go where you wish and take pictures to remember the centre by.


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The Art, Culture and Tourism Centres are in the process of removing architectural barriers and adapting access to physically disabled visitors. At present, this Centre is not suitable for visitors with reduced mobility.


Free access for children under 7. There are comfortable high chairs available for children at the restaurant. There is no access for pushchairs. Baby carriers are recommended. There are baby changing facilities in the toilets.


Unfortunately, due to health regulations, we are unable to allow pets in our establishment except for guide dogs for visually impaired persons.

We appreciate your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience.


Jameos Nights is a new way to help you experience the beauty of Jameos del Agua. A unique soiree combining food with the magic felt and the visit of this natural space where lights and shadows intertwine with the reflection on the indoor lake and the volcanic rock.

Fridays from 19:00 to 24:00 h

SPECIAL Dinner-concert Jameos Noche, Wednesday 09/28/2022.

Jameos del Agua restaurants are located inside the volcanic tube with a gastronomic proposal based on contemporary dishes with top quality local products. Enjoy the luxury of sharing an excellent  meal under the impressive volcanic tube any day of the week.


Originally, Los Jameos del Agua were conceived as a show hall: from this  period, we can see the dance floor, as well as several bars cleverly placed among  the rocks. 

Three of them function as a bar-cafeteria, and one as a restaurant serving  typical local products. A unique option to fully enjoy one of the most beautiful  places and visual impact of Lanzarote.


Opening hours

10:00 a 17:30 h

10:00 a 16:45 h

Restaurant Los Jameos del Agua opening hours

Every day from 12:15 a 15:45h

  • The sea level in the lake: being originated by marine filtration, changes in the  tide can be seen from inside the tunnel, especially at high tide, when the water  level rises so high that it floods the access corridor, having to take off your shoes  to pass. 
  • The Center’s chairs, tables and lamps, which, as in most of the CACTs, are  considered works of art, catalogued as Cultural Heritage. The lamps, created  from buoys, and the boats’ pots, containing ferns inside, make us empathize with  the seafaring environment, a place of refuge and rest for fishermen. 
  • The famous blind crabs: whitish in color due to the darkness of the center, these  friendly creatures deserve all our attention, and also, all our care.
  • The palm tree leaning over the pool: undoubtedly, another of the most emblematic symbols of the place.
  • The lamp at the entrance of the Auditorium: a sculpture made by César  Manrique from metal rods forming a polyhedron and reminiscent of Leonardo Da  Vinci’s drawings in the Renaissance book “De divina proportione“.
  • The Auditorium of Jameos del Agua: a space of immeasurable beauty created  to take advantage of the incredible acoustics of the natural jameo.
  • The surroundings, the various staircases and the upper area of the center: every  detail of this inspiring space is a continuous invitation to reverie.
  • Explore your visit during the morning and have a snack at the Bar La Galería  at the end of the activity.
  • Discover the entrance to the Tunnel of La Atlántida at the back of the  restaurant: an area designed to admire the landscape, as even the bathrooms have  porthole windows that allow you to enjoy panoramic views.
  • Book a lunch at the Restaurant to enjoy typical food and wines of Lanzarote in  an unparalleled atmosphere.
  • Enjoy las Noches de Jameos: a magical evening that unites intimate dinner and  folkloric concert in an unforgettable night, choosing between the Classic,  Premium or Vegan menu.
  • Experience an Insólita Visit: a guided tour in small and exclusive groups for  those who wish to know in depth one of the most symbolic and representative  works of César Manrique.

Insólita Experience 

Discover an unknown island

An exciting journey through volcanism, geology and the perfect symbiosis  achieved between art and nature in this emblematic volcanic tube transformed by  César Manrique. 

The tour starts in the Jameo Chico, from where you can see the Tunnel of La  Atlántida, passing through the lake where the endemic crabs are found. It  continues through the Jameo Grande, and then the Jameo de La Cazuela, a space hitherto restricted to visitors, which is accessed by crossing the imposing stage of  the Auditorium.

La Cazuela is a unique place that opens to the public exclusively for private  events, where visitors can contemplate two interior waterfalls, enjoying the peace  and tranquility of this hidden area. 

This guided tour will be conducted in small groups, concluding in the bar La  Galería, where you will enjoy an aperitif with tasting of local products and wines  of Lanzarote.