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In a place in Guatiza, whose name…


In a place in Guatiza, whose name…

In a place in Guatiza, whose name I want to remember. The stately mill, Cactus Garden. The stream of visitors to the tourist spot, designed by César Manrique, are struck by the appearance of this structure. And for good reason. It is immaculately kept.

Its sleek exterior image is complemented by its internal machinery. As if they were hands on a clock, we can observe the mechanism that aided the threshing of the millet, preliminary and essential step for obtaining maize meal, which is often roasted and stirred into coffee.

The hill on which the mill sits allows us to contemplate the Valley of the prickly pear of Guatiza and Mala. It is an intoxicating landscape. The green colony stretches throughout these northern towns of Lanzarote. The confluence with the Atlantic Ocean and the white houses of these towns round off a picturesque landscape. Also from the mill we can enjoy the panoramic view of the Garden. The art-nature of Manrique, seen in the arrangement of the volcanic rock, stepped in the shape of a canal, which is home to and an exotic botanical collection, protecting cacti from all latitudes.

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