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Exploring the abysses of the soul: Averno, a transformative dance performance


Exploring the abysses of the soul: Averno, a transformative dance performance

“To live through hell, one doesn’t need to descend beneath the earth. Hell can be others, and therefore, it can also be ourselves.”

– Jean Paul Sartre

On April 6th, the Jameos del Agua Auditorium will be transformed into the stage for a unique and transcendental experience: Averno, a dance performance that promises to immerse us in the abysses of the soul and take us on an unforgettable journey through the deepest human emotions. Framed within the prestigious Performing Arts Festival, Escena Lanzarote, Averno is a creation of the acclaimed choreographer Mario Bermúdez, from the Marcat Dance company, which has been awarded as the Best Show, Best Dancer, and Best Costume at the 2023 Sevilla Scenarios Awards.

Jameos del Agua de noche

Averno is much more than a simple dance performance; it is a sensory trance, an intimate and exciting journey that invites the spectator to explore the darkest and brightest corners of their own existence. Inspired by Dante’s “Inferno” and initiatory journeys, this work immerses us in a world of symbolism and metaphors, where each movement, each gesture, brings us closer to the essence of our humanity.

Mario Bermúdez, in a moment of artistic fulfillment, guides us through this journey of self-discovery with a dazzling physical language, deeply rooted in the human experience. With the help of seven talented performers – Mario Bermúdez, Catherine Coury, Marilisa Gallicchio, Javier de la Asunción, Andrea Pérez, David Eusse, and Raúl Melcón – Bermúdez takes us on a journey from darkness to light, from fear to liberation, from individuality to community.

Each dancer faces their own internal demons, doubts, fears, and weaknesses, but also discovers their strength, unity, and consciousness. In Averno, everyone becomes a mirror and landscape, reflecting the complexity and beauty of the human soul.

But Averno is not just an introspective journey; it is also an unparalleled aesthetic and sensory experience. With the original music by Jose Pablo Polo, the costume design by Moises Nieto, and the lighting by Mamen B. Gil, each element of the production combines to create a visually stunning world that captivates the senses and elevates the spirit.

Cóctel  Jameos del Agua

If you are looking for an experience that takes you beyond the limits of the known, do not miss Averno. Join us on April 6th at the Jameos del Agua Auditorium and let yourself be carried away by the transformative power of dance.

After the Averno performance, you have the opportunity to complete the cultural experience in the magical auditorium and enjoy a cocktail at the La Galería Bar. Tickets are available for €25 without a cocktail and €40 if you wish to enjoy a cocktail overlooking the iconic Jameos del Agua pool. Averno is aimed at an adult audience seeking to be moved and challenged by the magic of dance. Don’t miss it!

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