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Real time influx

Recommended hours visit 01/07 to 15/09

Montañas del Fuego
9:00 a.m.
Cueva de los Verdes
10:00 a.m.
Recommended days:

In order to offer you a better service when visiting the Cabildo de Lanzarote Art, Culture and Tourism Centers, we offer below the information that Google Maps has on its page. In it you will find information on peak hours, waiting time and average duration of the usual visit, which will help you to better organize your arrival at the chosen center or centres.

Know the influx in real time to the Centers of Art, Culture and Tourism of Lanzarote

The data is displayed below the information of the centers on Google Maps and allows you to see the most popular times (peak hours), so you can choose times of the day with less occupation.

Peak hours:shows how crowded it tends to be during the day and is based on the average popularity of the last few months.

Updated data on visits: updated visit data is displayed in real time and overlaid (pink bar) on the peak hour graph.

Duration of visits: shows the amount of time visitors typically spend at the center based on behavior over the past few weeks.

Información sobre la hora punta. Conoce la información en tiempo real.

Choose the center from which you want to obtain information and follow the link that we offer you. Once in the Google Maps file, you will see the graph with the schedules and rush hours, the average length of stay and if the attendance is the usual one, more or less high than normal. You can also choose a day of the week to get this information.

Detail of the location of the Centers- Mapa de Lanzarote

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