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Casa-Museo del Campesino Restaurant

Casa-Museo del Campesino Restaurant


Casa Museo del Campesino


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The complex is complemented by the canteen and the restaurant, which is accessed from a cozy outdoor terrace and a covered area, where some elements of agriculture and agricultural engineering are also exhibited, supplementing those that have already been seen during the tour.

The restaurant offers the tasting of traditional dishes and flavors of the island’s cuisine: millet broth, goat meat stew, octopus with green mojo, or the famous canarian wreckfish stew (sancocho), made with market products, all paired with the largest selection of wines with Designation of Origin Lanzarote.

And for cheese lovers, we have a careful selection of fresh, semi-cured or cured Lanzarote cheeses. Cheeses handmade with goat’s milk mostly, but also exquisite blends with sheep’s and cow’s milk. Undoubtedly a pleasure for the senses and a better souvenir.

Restaurant hours

Restaurant: 12:00 – 16:00

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